Transportation words in Arabic

Transportation Words in Arabic

Learn some Transportation words in Arabic. Learn how to say bus, car, and train. Watch Lucas, Geraldine, and I as we play with Lucas with his toys. You’ll also learn words such as come here, send the car and others.

ater = train = قطر
3arabeya = car = عربية
eb3atly el 3arabeya = send me the car = ابعتلي العربية
autobees = bus = اتوبيس
hab3tlak el autobees = I’ll send you the bus = هبعتلك الاتوبيس
kora = ball = كرة
kolo kwayes = all is good = كله كويس
ta3ala ya Lucas = come Lucas = تعالى يا لوكاس
ta3aly ya mommy = come mommy = تعالي يا مامي
eb3at el ater = send the train = ابعت القطر
besor3a = fast = بسرعة
belra7a = slow = بالراحة
sa2af = clap = سقف


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