Hi everyone,

I was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. I lived in a couple of other countries in the Middle East growing up. I went through the Egyptian education system and finished high school in Egypt. I then completed my undergraduate degree in Engineering from Ain Shams University. Later, I moved to Canada with my family. I met my beautiful wife, Geraldine there. Today we have 2 lovely boys, Lucas and Daniel.

My passion is to teach Geraldine and the two boys Arabic. I want them to understand my heritage and where I come from. I’ve been looking for some good teaching material that explains how to converse in the Egyptian dialect. However, I couldn’t find anything good. So I decided to build my own material with Geraldine’s help. This is how Live Like an Egyptian was born.

We found that many others are looking for the same thing. So we decided to extend the material to help others. Geraldine and I want to make the learning process exciting and fun. We are building courses in the form of TV web series that are engaging and immersive.

Come join us on this exciting adventure!