How to make Okra/Bamya Egyptian Style Recipe

I’ve decided to share my grandma’s recipe for Bamya. Watch how we make Bamya the Egyptian way. In addition to the recipe, you’ll learn a few Arabic words such as how to say meat, garlic, salt, pepper, tomatoes, and more.

Remember to turn on English Canada subtitles. Here’s a link showing how to do that

Below are the ingredients:
– Cubed beef stew meat
– 2 bags of Egyptian Bamya, Any brand works. Preferably get Bamya zero which basically means that it’s very short in length which is the best. I used Montana in this video, but there are other brands such as Basma that you can find in your local Arabic store.
– 3 cloves of garlic
– Half a jar of tomato sauce. I used Ragu or you could also put it in a can of tomato paste.
– a teaspoon of salt
– half a teaspoon of pepper

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